Handmade ceramics in Vancouver, BC

H e l l o 
Welcome to my shop. 

I take my inspiration from the imperfections in the natural world. A world that embraces the weathered, the wild and the wonderful -- It is the rawness and authenticity of these imperfections that I aim to capture in my work.

I work with both concrete and clay and like the contrast between the industrial, instantaneous, cool properties of concrete and the softer, more malleable quality and immersive experience that comes with clay. 

I have a passion for making and a long-standing appreciation for tactile, earthy objects that tell a story.

My pieces are designed to add interest to the home, without detracting from it.

With a focus on the environment and sustainability, I strive to reduce waste wherever possible and all products are shipped in recycled and recyclable, eco-friendly boxes. 

I hope you enjoy using my products as much as I love making them. Please contact me with any questions, requests, or inquiries you may have.

With love,

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