My hands are functional 

- They serve a purpose. They are typing these words for me now. They turn the steering wheel on a vehicle. They feed us each day. They enable us to drink our tipple of choice on a Friday evening.   

My hands are communication 

- Gesticulations speak a thousand words. They reinforce and cement meaning. A compassionate squeeze of a hand for reassurance when there are no words. How frustrated would we be without hands to express our feelings at those times we are unable to, but so passionately want to communicate. The beckoning hand to accompany the encouraging “Come”.  The upturned hands and shrug to signify the universal "I dunno". There’s no mistaking the accusing point of a finger aimed directly at you that makes heads turn in a sea of people.   

My hands are sensory 

- They help us to understand and interact with the world around us through the power of touch. Testing with the hand - Has the rain made this bench too wet to sit on? How does the bark on that centuries old tree feel on my fingers? Is this water too hot for a bath?   

My hands are my sensory tools and I want their process to be visible on the surface of each of my wares.  The rim of a bowl smoothed over with a finger. The thumbprint left on the spout of a milk jug as it was shaped. 

With the hands in mind, I am releasing a line of minimal intervention, red clay pieces. This range has been designed to celebrate and draw out the raw qualities of the clay and the hand. Featuring large unglazed surface areas and a crisp white glaze, they have been made to be touched and held in your hands. 

Here's to a cosy November! Love,